Australia's Fitness Community Love Chobani

Brand Experience and Sponsorship

Chobani has always been a business that, in the words of Hamdi, builds the "brand one pot at a time".

This weekend we returned, with over 20,000 delicious, protein-packed pots of Chobani to a place where many of our most vocal fans meet - the Australian Fitness & Health Expo.

So while "one pot at a time" might seem like a slow way to the top of the category, this weekend again proved how powerful connecting with your most valuable consumers can be.  We checked back in with many of our most passionate supporters and gave others their first taste of Apple & Cinnamon, Blood Orange, Black Cherry and 9 other real fruit flavours.

The response incredible.  Our early adopters from last year told us tales of how many of their clients they had packed off to Woolworths to pick up Chobani as part of their fitness and nutrition plans.  While over 1,000 new key influencers joined our Chobani community to help spread the word and more importantly help their clients and colleagues to take their first taste.

Packed with twice the protein of regular yogurts, 0% fat, no additives or preservatives and (in our wholly biased opinion) the best tasting yogurt available - it's a bit of health and fitness perfect storm and we loved being in the middle of it all weekend!


Post: The Round Table Communications

Brand Experience and Sponsorship