Doctor Who brings the house down

Vivid Festival Brand Experience

Saturday night marked another incredible step on the journey towards Doctor Who's 50th Anniversary as the Doctor and his enemies lit up Vivid Sydney Festival.

The Round Table

The Round Table

Custom's House played the canvas for the world's most famous time traveller as fans were treated to a 7 minute extravaganza.  

As the final curtain fell on this unique experience, the show didn't stop there.  Special screenings of the 'Asylum of the Daleks' and 'The Angels Take Manhattan' were laid on at the nearby Event Cinemas for fans to see the Doctor confront two of his most terrifying foes – the Daleks and the Weeping Angels - and say a heart-breaking farewell to his companions Amy and Rory Pond.

Tickets sold out in record time and the exciting momentum keeps building.  Check back for more updates on the exciting events and experiences as we build towards the 50th...



Post: The Round Table Communications