Chobani Launches into Food Service

Brand Experience and Sponsorship

When you have a single minded, unifying goal, business gets simpler and often more exciting.  At Chobani, the mantra that reverberates around all of us that are part of the family is clear;

'All Australians deserve to have great tasting, real yogurt'.

With this as our foundation, and with the backdrop of a fast growing love for Chobani in retail, we took our first exciting step into Food Service.  


Our focus? To introduce the deliciously thick and creamy plain Chobani yogurt to chefs and buyers and to inspire them to make the change to Chobani for customers of their businesses.  Anyone that has ever worked with chefs will know that they are a discerning crowd when it comes to selecting ingredients.  Our approach was to lead with our strongest card – the product -  invite them to take their first taste and then to experience the diversity of Chobani as a healthy, great tasting ingredient for savoury and sweet dishes.  At our beautiful stand, we provided a menu of delicious Chobani creations, designed by our award winning chef, Mauro Callegari (True  South).  Throughout the day the dishes changed to give our guests the chance to experience Chobani as the ideal breakfast yogurt, plain, with honey, muesli or a rhubarb and apple compote.  Then, as we reached mid-morning and lunch Mauro rolled out two exquisite dishes; first a smoked egg plant dip with Chobani and second a chicken salad served with pomegranate, sesame, salted almonds and Chobanion a light bed of lettuce.



Delight soon followed,  so too did the questions and opportunity to discuss the yield, health and taste benefits of the authentic strained, real Greek yogurt.  Many took up the opportunity to join our community and database to receive a delivery of Chobani to their workplace and a follow up meeting from the Food Service team.  Like any great event, the work continues long after the bump-out and we are working in partnership with the team to transform many of the positive interactions into customers and future partners for Chobani.   


Post: The Round Table Communications