Turning Sad Fridges into Happy Fridges

Integrated Campaign


The Challenge

As part of Chobani's vision that everyone deserves great tasting, healthy yogurt, we wanted to start to the journey of getting Chobani into every fridge in Australia. 



Everyone has a 'sad fridge' in their office. Full of plastic bags, old food, unhealthy cans, and the odd UFO (Unidentified Food Object). 

Chobani wanted to give owners of 'sad fridges' the chance to win a 'happy fridge' make over and a personal delivery of 14 flavours of delicious yogurts.


What we Did

We worked with the Chobani social media team and DAN to develop an integrated social and experiential movement.


Our role:

Outreach to key influencers to drive awareness and engagement with campaign.

Development of the experience architecture to ensure:

  • Our audience could interact with ease
  • Spread the fun and the word
  • That each and every delivery and pot was real, fun and simply memorable

Campaign production



The campaign has helped transform office fridges across Australia and the reaction through social media channels continues to make us smile.


 Post: The Round Table Communications


Integrated CampaignIntegrated Campaign