Creating a virtual shopping assistant

Shopper Marketing

The Challenge

Shopper confusion at point of purchase when selecting the brand and product formulation to meet their training and performance needs.


Opportunity identified

To create a virtual assistant on-shelf to help shoppers understand the products that would best help them with their training and performance goals.


Bringing it to life

To help grow the Balance Sports Nutrition credibility, we leveraged their Athlete Programme to demonstrate that the country's top sports stars trusted Balance.

Next we developed a shopper app that took consumers through a simple step by step Nutrition programme, providing them with product recommendations that best suit their needs. 

Our role

  • Sponsorship and Athlete activation
  • App design and development
  • Category planning
  • Merchandising
  • Mystery Shopping
  • What it delivered


What it delivered

Cut through for the brand on shelf, shopper education and a customer marketing tool that helps retail staff better advise their consumers.  


Post: The Round Table Communications

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