Gippsland Dairy Packaging Launch

As part of the launch of the Gippsland Dairy packaging refresh, we wanted to whet the appetite of some of the brand's most important stakeholders - our retail partners and a select group of some of our most passionate fans.

To help kick start the upcoming Gippsland Dairy programme we developed custom made, wooden boxes filled with a range of natural delights.  The boxes were crafted from wood, fire branded and hand packed with twine and a personalised note to the lucky recipient.  Inside the box was a traditional, engraved milk bottle and a selection of fresh blueberries, mangoes and the delicious fruits found in the new range of flavours.

To ensure the gifts were delivered with the same love that they had been crafted with, we hand delivered each box to smiling faces on a Friday afternoon so the delicious contents could be enjoyed and shared on the weekend. 


[The Round Table partnership with Gippsland Dairy]