The Ultimate Incentive Programme of 2014

Panasonic Incentive Programme


To grow sales of Panasonic Air Conditioning products by increasing loyalty and engagement of Air Conditioning Installer businesses across Australia.


To develop a 12 month incentive programme that educates installers in the benefits of the Panasonic range and incentivizes them to recommend Panasonic to commercial and residential customers.

Bringing it to Life

Development and management of the integrated programme, including:

  • Programme Strategy and Communications Planning
  • Incentive website and CRM
  • eDM and DM communications
  • Event management and production

What it delivered

Record levels of Installer engagement and sales (results confidential).

Get a glimpse of what Panasonic's customers experienced here.

Panasonic Incentive ProgrammePanasonic Incentive ProgrammePanasonic Incentive Programme