Building Australia's Favourite Food Truck - The CHOmobile

Brand Experience


Working with the world's fastest growing business, there's never a dull moment.  Chobani is a brand that has built its market dominance off the back of engaging consumers through experiences and building on these connections through social media.

Our initial role in the experiential space was to partner with the Australian and Global team at Chobani to develop a mobile marketing unit to take the brand to yogurt lovers across Australia.


What we delivered

Australia's largest yogurt truck, created, designed, produced and on the road within a record time period.

An experiential platform that has delivered over 400,000 pots of Chobani to consumers at 10 sponsored events in 2012. 

A core owned media asset for the brand that forms a centre point for engagement in 2013 and beyond.


Some kind words


What the Round Table means to me......

First international CHOmobile!!!

Committed, Family, Innovative, Inspiring, Intelligent, Bringing true passion to life!!

 From our first breakfast meeting on Tuesday morning with the team, I knew our much loved CHOmobile was in good hands!! The passion and protectiveness you conveyed about the then "work in process" Aussie CHO was moving!! You knew how important every single detail meant to the overall success of Chobani in Australia. You are the first impression, the first exchange of knowledge, the first bite....and it all has to be Nothing But Good!! WOW....we are in good hands :)

From the bottom of my heart...I thank you... ALL OF YOU!!


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