rpdata Strategic Consultancy

The Challenge

To help Australia's #1 provider of property data to develop a marketing and commercial framework that would assist in  driving growth in an environment when their primary product - data - was being commoditised.



We worked with the executive team through a series of workshops and small group sessions to identify and clarify the strategic issues faced by rpdata and the opportunities that existed for growth.  From this clear view on the business, its stakeholders and customers we developed the 'D.I.G' model, a bespoke framework that provides the team with a tool to identify and evaluate new products, services and strategies and their relevance to the market and key customer groups.

The 'D.I.G' model is currently being implemented across:

  • Government, Finance and Banking segments
  • Corporate customers
  • Property buyers, sellers and investors
  • New product and service development
  • Marketing planning and campaign implementation
  • rpdata.com.au
  • rpdata app


A kind word

Monique Dorigo: Head of Marketing

'Alan and the team have the ability to deliver clever creative based on strong business acumen as well as practical execution. Alan is a great thought leader around brand and marketing strategy and is very conscious of the bottom line and both short and long term business imperatives. He says what he thinks and delivers strong advice which is as practical as it is strategic. The Round Table team are a pleasure to work with and I appreciate their honesty and approach with the issues posed. We will continue to work with The Round Table.'