Creating a Mixologist Movement at Home

Launching Galliano Ristretto


This was a fun ‘push and pull’ campaign where our challenge was…

For consumers - build consideration and trial of Galliano Ristretto as an at-home cocktail.

For trade - get them excited and increase display and support for the Australian launch in the off-premise.


Opportunity Identified

Sometimes the simplest of ideas has been looking you in the eye - for 117 years!! We turned to Galliano’s most iconic asset (or owned media in ad speak) – The Bottle - into the campaign idea.


After 117 years of sitting tall and proud in back-bars across the globe, we turned the bottle into the world’s first Galliano cocktail shaker and mixologist kit.


As we designed and produced this brushed aluminium ‘master-piece’, it became clear that it had an appeal and life beyond the initial campaign as it quickly became a sought-after item for key influencers and mixologists…   


Bringing it to Life

  • Creative and campaign development
  • Creation and production of this custom engineered masterpiece (can you tell we love it!!).
  • Packaging
  • Point of Sale
  • Trade Engagement
  • Key Influencer


What it delivered

Lots of happy trade customers, thousands of new mixologists at home and one happy brand owner in Amsterdam.

Results are confidential, but the campaign has now launched across Europe and is moving into Asia soon…


Launching Galliano RistrettoLaunching Galliano Ristretto