Chobani Sponsorship and Engagement Strategy

The Challenge

Much of Chobani's well documented success in the US has been driven by consumer advocacy.  The simple truth is that once you taste Chobani, you fall in love.  Our challenge was to work with the Chobani team to develop a framework and model that supercharged this grassroots approach to support the commercial goals of the fastest growing business in the world.


Our Role

We worked with the Chobani team to develop an engagement architecture that enables us to identify our brand adorer segments, connect with them, drive trial and then move the relationship from first taste to 'Chobaniac' (brand advocate) within the shortest period possible.

Once we had the model down, we created and produced the tools, vehicles and harnessed our collaborative skills, experience and passion to turn theory into a fun and rewarding reality.


The Results

A little like Mustafa's secret to making America's favourite yogurt, we can't give the family jewels away, but suffice to say Chobani hit its straps in a big way in the launch year.  The goal now is to make Chobani Australia's most loved yogurt in 2013 and beyond…


Post: The Round Table Communications