Integrated Partnership: Dr Who & Event Cinemas

Integrated Campaign

We are really excited to announce a list of exciting firsts...

...a first for Dr Who, one of the BBC's top global properties over the last 50 years

...a first for Event, Australia's largest cinema chain and

...a first for The Round Table Sponsorship and Partnership team.


On Thursday we were at the first ever screening of Dr Who in large format, at Event Cinemas top location, George Street, Sydney.  The night marked the first step in a year long partnership between both brands that will see more firsts in content creation, merchandising, events, promotions and social media campaigns.

Thursday was a big step for the combined teams of BBCW, Event and TRT and with 5,000 tickets sold before the first episode had finished, we celebrated long and hard with the hundreds of 'frothing Whovians' that spilled out onto the streets after an unforgettable evening.

The next day our smiles got wider as we saw the night go off across Doctor Who facebook and twitter fan pages.


 Post: The Round Table Communications

Integrated CampaignIntegrated Campaign