Smiles in the Slums


The EnKI Fund


To raise funds for the EnKI Fund primary school projects in Nakuru slums, Kenya.  


Opportunity identified

Smiles in the Slums was a concept developed to give a glimpse of life in African slums, not through the lens of a trained photographer but through the eyes of the children of the slum. Thanks to Kodak and Lizzie Patterson, 50 of primary school children at Ronda (Kenya) were given a disposable camera and a quick course in photography. For many it was the first time they had seen a camera, but what ensued was a powerful and unique insight into their world in the neighbouring slums.


The results

To date the series of exhibitions and events in London and across Europe have raised funds to help with the re-development of Ronda Primary School.  

The EnKI team continue to do amazing work in the slums of Nakuru and in many of the toughest environments in Kenya.  To check out some of their great work, check out


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