CHOpops - Summer's Healthiest, Tastiest Treat

Shopper Marketing, Point of Sale, Trade and Consumer Engagement


As the number of yogurt lovers switching to Chobani continued to grow at pace, we wanted to provide a little inspiration for shoppers and our friends at Woolworths to think about some more ways to enjoy their favourite pot of goodness. 


There are few treats Aussie's love more in Summer than an ice-cream.  So we decided to take the guilt out of the treat.  CHOpops soon became the season's thickest, creamiest and tastiest snack in freezers across the country.  

Bringing it to life

To reach its potential the project needed to build on the great partnership the Chobani team had developed with Woolworths. With collaboration at each level, the consumer, brand and retailer could all enjoy the fruits of this simple, but fun initiative.

Our role was simple, lead the development of the campaign and support the Chobani and Woolworths teams to make sure we had shoppers putting CHOpop packs in their baskets.

  • Retail strategy
  • Creative development
  • Turn-key development of the CHOpop gift with purchase offer 
  • POS Production
  • Store Compliance & OH&S 


CHOpops became a summer hit and the activity helped the continued growth of market share and penetration for Chobani.

Aussies loved the CHOpop packs so much that over 1,200 people bought sets at full retail ($11.99), according to the buyer, 'making it the most successful product in Woolworths not on the plannogram.'

Lyn Radford - General Manager Sales & Category, Chobani Australia

'Since planning our launch into the Australian retail market, The Round Table team have been like an extension to our team.  We work closely with them when developing retail strategies, in-store creative executions and when activating shopper marketing campaigns. The retail projects they have created, developed and activated over the last 18 months have been instrumental to our success and even under tight timelines they have exceeded our expectations time and time again. They are a great partner to have on board and we look forward to working with them over 2013 and beyond.' 

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Shopper Marketing, Point of Sale, Trade and Consumer EngagementShopper Marketing, Point of Sale, Trade and Consumer EngagementShopper Marketing, Point of Sale, Trade and Consumer Engagement