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People who like yogurt, LOVE Chobani.

The Chobani story has been about helping people across the globe fall back in love with yogurt.  It's an inspiring tale of a business that has built its success one pot at a time.  Sounds niche doesn't it?  Not so though, as Chobani have become a poster child for how to scale the world's oldest marketing technique – word of mouth.  In the US the results from their dedication to providing the best taste and customer experience are well documented.

In Australia we have had great fun building the love for our favourite yogurt by connecting with people, communities and businesses and supercharging this grassroots approach.

We like to call it Mouth to Word as it is all about the taste.  In only 12 months, the outreach programme has helped get Australian health and food lovers chatting and heading down the aisle to grab their daily fix of their favourite yogurt.

100,000 pots of Chobani personally delivered to our Chobani key influencers and their networks, with plenty more love to come.

Social media is abuzz, with Chobani peaking at over 70% share of voice on line, sales are flying and every day we get a 'could I introduce you to…' request from new community friends.  They are fast becoming Chobani's ambassadors, extended sales team and media channel all in one...


Post: The Round Table Communications

Building Brand CommunitiesBuilding Brand CommunitiesBuilding Brand Communities